Interactive Videos: Skip to author-defined video time based on user response

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User story:

As an author I want to be able to direct the user to a specific time in an interactive video based on the answer they give to a question I've given them.

To bring "interactive videos" to the next level of "interactivity", we should be able to customize what we show to a user based on their responses - for instance, If you're showing a video for relaxation, you can ask the user, do you like mountains or beaches? And then skip to a section showing mountains or beaches based on their response.

This would be most useful for Multiple Choice questions, Single choice questions and Questionaires.

Multiple Choice: in the Option section (possibly in "Tips and feedback"), add a "Skip to time:" field where the author can enter in a time.

In the case of multiple correct possible Options, pick the first entry with a "Skip to time:" entry.

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Hi Peterson,

Thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.