Ifame insertion into the "Course Presentation" content element


I'm in serious need of an iframe within the "Course Presentation" content element. I'm not a coder so please be gentle. I need to place short codes to call other content elements into my course.


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Hi Crawford,

Adding the Iframe Embedder is a serious undertaking, although I believe this can help become a stop gap measure for all the contents that are not included in CP.

I have moved this post to the Feature Request forum.


Hi BV52,

I would like to investigate the posibilty to have this function added. Trthfully my project won't work without this function. So can you recommend someone to do it to see what the cost would be.



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Hi cpeterson,

Joubel is the creator of Course Presentation and I'm the product owner in Joubel. I'm very gratefull that you consider to fund this feature, but unfortunately it is a feature that we don't want to have in the official version of Course Presentation, mainly because iframe content is very hard to make responsive.

Hopefully there will be developers near you that can assist in finding a workaround for you. Again, I'm sorry to dissapoint, but we have to make sure that CoursePresentation is maintainable, predictable and easy to use.