add SVG files to h5p

Hello again :)

If I am not mistaken, .svg files are not accepted in h5p. Since these are often so much lighter than other formats, it would be great to be able to use them. 



Support images as svg
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Hi Maude,

I can see that svg support can be very usefull for many users. Good suggestion!

- Tom

It's amazing to know that the developing team takes these into consideration. Highly appreciate it.


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Hi Maude,

It's actually very useful to get input from actual users. :) So thank you for contributing!

- Tom

I suggestet .svg support, espassially for the presentation module i think it was back in 2014. 

If .svg vere supportet, then it would be possible to make very light full screen presentations og high quality.

But there is some security issues, I understand. I think that Wordpress, that is my primary platform has no support for .svg bu default due to security reasones.

But .svg vould be really nice if it were available as an option. (It can be activated in Wordpress as far as I know.)

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Thanks for the input, Arne.

SVG support would be very useful indeed.

+1 and I agree :-).

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Hi Everybody,

is there a timeline for svg-support in h5p?


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Hi ingolf,

I'm sorry we don't have any updates for this request. No one from the community has picked up this project and the core team is currently focused on getting out of beta. 


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...especially for Course Presentations: e.g. for background graphics file sizes are much smaller than jpg or png (depending on image content). And – more important – image quality is better when entering full screen mode!


+1 :)

Hi! Will Joubel be developing support for SVG any time soon? Also adding more graphic elements like arrows in CP and IV would be highly appreciated. A world of difference. 

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Hi knutinge,

Afaik the core team does not have a working project that will add support for SVG. But I found a discussion/PR in github that aims to do this. Additional dhapes are coming soon, how soon I'm not sure yet.