Random questions with reset button

Current situation

The "Memory Game" and "Quiz (question set)" content types allow for a set of random questions. (You set up a lot of card pairs/questions and then set the number of questions to be presented each time.)

Every time you load the quiz, a new random choice is presented. But when you click on "reset" to play again, you will be shown the same choice again.


For people who want to play again and again to cover a lot of different questions it would be convenient to have a button to do this. Something like "Play again with new cards / new questions", maybe shown next to or instead of the "reset" button.

Having to refresh the page is a bit of a bother. (May seem tiny, but to draw people into a learning flow, it should be as easy and intuitive as possible.)

Thanks for all your work!

Button for new questions (instead of refresh)
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This would make much more sense then how the retry button works right now.
I have to tell my students to refresh the page to play a new memory card set...
Would be a nice addition (or option)

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This really a "low hanging fruit" and might be a good for getting the hang of coding for H5P. I am just not sure if it should be done with an extra button, with an extra option in the editor ('New subset on reset'), or by drawing a random subset each time a new round begins (on start and on reset) by default instead of today's mode.

I hope that someone in the community will pick it up quicker than the core team can.

Happy coding!