Does it / will it cost money to host and use H5P.com so that I can integrate it with Canvas and get access to back-end data?

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Hi MJSellar,

You are correct H5P.com will be a paid service. H5P.com should definitely be open for all organizations during the summer, but probably not for individuals and smaller teams until the autumn. This is mainly because the planned credit card payment feature haven't been implemented yet, and it isn't viable to handle payments manually for smaller teams whereas for organizations there will have to be different contracts and manual steps anyway.

You can go to H5P.com to learn more and sign up for updates.



Thanks BV52. Is it possible to get an idea now of the pricing, so I can decide whether at all to introduce this to my team?

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Hi MJSellar,

You may request both a trial and a price estimate by filling out this form.