H5P to Scorm Conversion

Thanks for the great module.  H5P module as it currently is has much of the functionality we need to in browser interactive video and quiz solution.

I have a client that would like to support both SCORM/TinCan packages AND H5P in their new LMS we are building with Drupal 7.  They basically want the best of both worlds, industry standard SCORM package support for legacy and purchased content and in browser HTML5 content creation.

I am in the architecture phase of this development process, and I am looking for all data and options concerning the possible conversion of SCORM/TinCan to H5P and vice versa. 

Has H5P have to go to reach a maturity where it can adequately mirror the functionality for conversion from/to SCORM/TinCan packages?

What would the LOE be to get H5P to such a place.

Does anyone know of any tools, web-based or native applications (doesnt' matter what OS), that exist to provide this type of functionality. Can Articulate do that, will they do that, can any other program do that?

How possible is it to convert between the formats?  What would a rough estimate of the LOE be for such a tool, web-based or otherwise.

If it is reasonable possibility, meaning the number of hours required is low enough that it fits into the budget for this job and the amount of internet time resources our company is willing to provide to have a tool for future projects, let us know how we can help.  I have myself and 3 other developers that will be spending some time on this.

I'm looking for hard information, or pointers into right directions.

Interested in talking to any knowledgeable parties.

I'll talk on this forum, by email, by phone, Google, IRC, wherever.

I will eat green eggs and ham, I will eat them, Sam I am.


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Thanks! Nice to hear that you are considering H5P for your project.

I'll try to answer you like this:

  1. H5P will soon support Tin Can. We have a prototype and will soon create a full implementation.
  2. I don't know of any efforts on converting H5P to/from Scorm and I don't know exactly how much work that would be. I guess going from Scrom -> H5P would be creating an H5P scorm player and use Scorm -> TinCan adapter to handle the logging of events and stuff. Since I have limited knowledge about Scorm I can't estimate the LOE, but I'll try to get someone who knows more about Scrom to comment on this.

That's great news, a TinCan full implementation will make this module out of sight awesome.   I'm in a position to guide this customer some, if I can figure out how to convert SCORM to TinCan with an external program this may work as is, but my thinking is if the H5P module can handle it all in some way, then it would be the go to module for this functionality . Thanks for your quick response.  Look forward to learning more and working together to in creating open source solutions for LMS package features based around H5P

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Great! I agree with you that it would be awesome if H5P could somehow just convert or wrap Scorm packages and we would be glad to help people making this happen. It is however not something that the current H5P core team are able to develop on our own. We have a lot on our todo list :)

Dear jackrabbithanna, Have you tried Tao Testing which is open source , PHP, supports authoring and can be integrated with LMS or have export import in QTI 2.0 ?

SCORM is not there but promised in coming versions. We are currently working on integrating H5P with TaoTesting and jsut happened to see your comment. Hope this helps.


Disclaimer: I also provide development solutions around TaoTesting platform.

When you say H5P will support TinCan, does that mean it will act as a LRS?

Will it pipe the TinCan message data to drupal for database storage of results and other tracked events?


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H5P will generate TinCan statements describing the users activities and make them available for third party software through an event system. We will also consider providing integrations with existing LRS services as separate modules, but the first phase for us is to make the events available.

Does anyone have an update on whether HP5 is able to export content as SCORM, xAPI/TinCan, cmi5 packages or able to convert hp5/html5 packages into SCORM, xAPI/TinCan, or cmi5? It's been a few years since this thread was active, so I'm hopinh there has been some progress in this area. Thanks in advance!

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Hi dpavlovskiy!

Support for xAPI was added long time ago. You will find more information about it in the H5P documentation at https://h5p.org/documentation/for-authors/analyzing-results-and-answers (for authors) and at https://h5p.org/documentation/x-api (for developers).


Thanks Oliver. I will read over the links you shared :)