Hi There,

We really love the functionality on the H5P platform.

We are currently designing materials in Velsoft (which is really easy to import too) for a large Project that we are delivering.  My question is this, if we create games on H5P and inport them how stable are they for the future ie if you bring out another version of this, would the original game in our Velsoft platform not function anymore?

Also if there were changes to the game, would we be informed of these, or would it only be apparent to the user?

We are trying to minimise our risk as we have a large development on our hands and need to ensure we proceed in a sustainable way.  

Many thanks for your input on this.

Julie G (Project Manager @Open Awards)

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Hi Julie!

Thanks for reaching out. I am not familiar with Velsoft unfortunately, so maybe you could tell me a little more what it means to import H5P content (games) there. Do you mean embedding? Do they have a different way of getting H5P onto their platform? Still, I can try a general answer now.

By default, on a host system running H5P, content types that you have created will not be updated automatically even if there's a new version. You can still use the newer one, but your old content will still behave the same way as before. There are simply different versions running on the host system. You can however decide to upgrade content. In that case, old content will be converted into content that uses a newer version, e.g. if you want to use new functions.

If you're embedding content from some other platform into Velsoft, than the aforementioned is basically true as well - but you should make sure that you're hosting H5P on that other platform. Otherwise, the admin might change things that you did not intend to do. That could for example be true here on (if you meant this with "create games on H5P"). That's why we try to point out clearly that this site is intended for trying out H5P before installing it on your own system -- but not for hosting your content.

Hope that helped a little already.


Hi Oliver,

Firstly, thanks for your swift reply much appreciated.

You've answered most of my questions, thank you.


With regard to your last paragarph, how much would it cost to install H5P on our system, and is there a yearly/monthly fee for this?  And how do we go about this?

Many thanks,


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Hi Julie!

H5P is open source software, so it is completely free. We're providing plugins for WordPress, drupal and moodle, so you could choose one of them, get the plugin from the respective repository and you're good to go.

Alternatively, if you don't want to set up your own system, to maintain it yourself and if you want to have some extra benefits, you could check out That's our own host system, and you can try it for free for 30 days. Afterwards, the price will depend on the number of authors you want to have, the amount of storage, and the kind of support. Detailed information should be available shortly on the website, but you should also receive it when you apply for a trial.


Hi There,

Thanks again for your swift reply!  Very impressed indeed:)

We are seriously interested in the host system that you offer, and really need a quote for our project as it would a potential create technical debt if we proceeded for a month and then didn't have the funds to continue.  Can you refer me to a sales team?

It would be our organisation with 1-5 creators, then many users.  Now that sounds expensive, but it might not be.

Is there anything further you can provide to us regarding price or a colleague that we could contact?

Many thanks in advance.

Julie :)


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Hi Julie,

Thank you for your interest with Please visit this page to get a quote and a free trial.