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How does google analytics work with the h5p content?



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Hi Samuel,

I think this post can get you started.


I'm new to H5P, not a developer, and trying to figure out how to capture user behavior in a set of lessons I have built using H5P and Drupal. Has any progress been made on a more out-of-the-box way to get the xAPI data into Google Analytics? Or is this still the easiest way for a non-developer to access that data in a user-friendly format?

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Hi Paulster,

I'm afraid there are no additional progress with integration to Google Analytics.


We put together the google analytics tracking code into a drupal extension -

You'll need to edit it to add in your own tracking ID in h5p-ga.js, but it should (as far as I remember) work out of the box otherwise. You can also add any custom css code to the css file in there. 

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Hi Louise,

Thank you for the information.


Thanks.  My developer has implemented that code.  I'm now trying to figure out how to access the data collected by xAPI.  I can see all the standard Page- related metrics in Google Analytics, but what I am hoping to find is screen-by screen data from the Course Presentation occupying a page.  Can anyone (Louise?) shed some light on how to do that? Via Custom Report? What to look for to get metrics from within a H5P product?

Hi paulster, try this custom report:

Basically, you're looking for the 'events' data, which can be found otherwise under the 'Behaviour' menu. 

I hope that helps!

Thanks, that does help.  It took me a while to get back to this. This is a good pointer in the right direction.