Release note: Content repurposing, mathematical formulas and improved copyright handling

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Content repurposing

How many times haven't you created, for instance an Interactive Video, and later realized that the same Interactive Video would be perfect inside one of your columns or Course Presentations? Or you create a Drag and Drop question, just to realize that what you should have been creating was a question set. This is not a problem anymore. With the new content repurposing feature you can copy content from anywhere, and paste it anywhere. You can copy an entire Column, or just one of the questions within the column, and you can paste it anywhere you want. You can paste the question from the column as a standalone content type, or paste it as a question inside an Interactive Video.

Mathematical formulas

We finally introduce support for mathematical formulas in H5P! Formulas are entered as LaTeX and rendered with the help of the open source MathJax project:

Instructions for using Math in H5P

Improved copyright handling

H5P is part of the open educational resources movement. For many, H5P is the most promissing initiative for making interactive content truly open and reusable across publishing platforms. Another important part of the Open Educational Resources movement is the global licensing framework Creative Commons. H5P has had built in support for Creative Commons from the start, and we've now improved this integration to cover:

  • All H5P content types, not just multimedia. You can now add Creative Commons license to your texts and tasks as well, and of course to larger content types like entire Interactive Videos
  • Add multiple authors and pick roles for the authors (author, editor, licensee or originator)
  • Add extra license information. Maybe a link to special clauses or contracts?
  • Add a changelog as required by some licenses for derivative work, and always a good practice.
  • We've also thrown in a comment field for authors to make notes for themselves or for other authors

Note that the new copyright widget is called metadata, and not just copyright. We plan to expand it to hold more metadata like keywords, level and discipline. Metadata needed for the upcoming H5P Content Hub(our global repository for sharing H5P content between H5P authors. It will be directly integrated in all H5P plugins.)


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