Issues with H5P Personality Quiz Results

Hi there, 

I've created a personality quiz or values finder assessment where ther are 6 values and each question has 6 options, so each "answer" only has one outcome. However, I find when two values have the same score or there is a tie that only one of the values will show up in the results. From my test it also just seems to be which value was selected first in chronological order of the questions. 

Are there other ways currently to display the results that are more comprehensive like a spider graph? I saw in other parts of the forum this being dicussed, but I'm not sure if anything has been implemented. 

Any help or insight would be appreciated. Ideally I would like to see a tally of how many of the questions answered corresponded to each of the 6 categories, like a tally. 

H5P Personality Quiz
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Hi there back!

The options of "Personality Quiz" are very limited, but it was contributed from someone outside the H5P core team using an open source license -- so the source code is openly available, and you can change it yourself or ask someone to do it.


Hi Oliver, 

Thanks so much for your quick response - I don't have a programming background, but if I'm clear enough with our IT team they should be able to help me (hopefully!). Do you know which of those links would give me those code needed to create the spider graph?

Do you know if that code will allow the results page to be a tally of each of the personality types?



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Hi Shannon,

What you would like to achieve is feasible. Most if not all of the H5P content types follows the same structure. You can point them to this documentation  to know more about how to make changes to the code.

These pages also provides how H5Ps generate the data:


I hope this helps if you have further questions feel free to post it here.



Hi Shannon,

I stumbled upon this thread while searching for a solution for a students course, that I am planning. I was wondering if you could let me know if you ever ended up generating these adjustments? They sound pretty much exactly like the solutions I'm looking for!

Thanks a lot



Hi Rebecca, 

I actually think I may have given up on this because I didn't find a great solution a the time, but I think a spiderweb graph may have been a possible solutation you could explore. Good luck!