Mark the Word - select 1 word only in a sentence

As a teacher of English I am trying to replicate the exercises found on the French grammar site: Projet Voltaire .  using Mark the Words.

I want it to be possible for students to:

Identify the error in a sentence by selecting a single word from all the words in a sentence or to select "no error" option.

Then the confirmation of correct /incorrect choice appears with an explanation of the grammar point being tested.

See images attached.

Hoping you can implement this!



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See my example here:

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Hi papi Jo,

Thank you for the input. You are correct this can be achieved this way except for the part of "no error".


Hello papi jo

Thanks very much for your interest. Yes its very close to what I am looking for; your example allows the user to click each of the 7 words individually . I was hoping to limit it to ONE click only, then the correct response is shown  (to discourage the users from guessing and clicking each word at random).

Perhaps there is a quick modification in the files to limit the attempt to 1 choice only? I would be happy to learn how to do this if you point me to the right file(s)!

Thanks again

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Sorry, but I don't understand your point of view.

If the student clicks an "incorrect" word and then the Check button, they will get a negative mark. There is no incentive to click "each word at random".

If, as you suggest, there was only ONE clickable word, which would be the correct one, what is the point of that exercise?

Hello Papi Jo

Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify what I meant: all the words are clickable but the user is limited to one attempt (click) before the solution is revealed. 

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In the Behavioural settings, leave the Enable Retry setting un-checked.

Hello again Papi Jo

Its the multiple attempts before the check that I'm trying to avoid. Attached example shows 4 words selected with Retry unchecked. I would like just 1 attempt possible before checking. Hope this makes sense!

Also, could the tick be removed in the correction? My question asks the user to identify a mistake in the sentence and it seems illogical to give it a tick! Just a colour would be sufficient to identify good/bad choice.


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Hi nyree,

I'm really sorry but I understand less and less what you are actually trying to achieve with the H5P Mark the words activity.

"I would like just 1 attempt possible before checking." Well, that's exactly what is happening. Maybe you and I are not using the words "attempt" and "check" in the same way.

Hello papi jo

I've video'd the activity in action, which should explain more clearly what I'm trying to recreate! Its an MP4 file - how do I upload it?

Attached in screen shots is the sequence: 1 A sentence appears. 2 user makes a single choice from all the words available in the sentence. 3 The correct answer is shown in green with a congratulations screen OR wrong answer message with the correct word highlighted in green. 4 User clicks next to see a new sentence.

The main difference is that the number of attempts with the same sentence is limited to 1 and the answer is displayed immediately after the attempt. 

In the H5P version the user can select as many words as there are in the sentence before checking (verifying) albeit with a penalty. 

I hope this finally makes sense to you!!





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Thanks for the new explanations. Yes I would like to see your video. I think you cannot attach an mp4 file on this forum. Maybe BV52 can help. Or you could post/host your video somewhere on the web and let us know the address/URL so we can go and see it?

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Hi Papi Jo and Nyree,

The feature that Nyree is looking for is not available in Mark the Words. Currently you can click on multiple words before "checking" the answer. IMOO the quickest solution would be to have an option to automatically check the activity once a word has been chosen.


To expand this activity further, it would be great to have a "find the mistake" / "no mistake" option too 

see video

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Hi Nyree,

Sorry I forgot to mention that part of the request.


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