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My students want to be able to watch my videos offline. When they download them they can't play them. Is there an app that plays H5P videos offline? (Of course I can always provide the mp4s, but then the quizzes would be missing.)

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player app to play interactive videos online
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Hi Annette,

Sorry, but there doesn't exist an offline version of H5P yet.

- Tom

Is there an offline version yet?

If not, what is the point of the download?


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Hi David!

The offline feature still has to be developed, either by the core team ot by someone in the community.

Being able to download your content gives others the opportunity to use or to modify it on their own systems, you can make backups that can still be used on other host systems if the one that you're using gets closed, etc.


Hi Tom,

thank you for the information. Now I know what the choices are.



I have registered an online coure and it regires an interactive video learning. On the screen it has a H5P watermark on it and also said that I do not have an access to this content on both ipad and macbook. I let my freind tried logging in with different operation system and it did work. So H5P doesn't work on Mac? please help me.

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Hi cherilymay,

H5P works with Mac OS as well as iOS. So it should work for you as well. You can verify this by looking at the sample contents here. I would suggest that you contact the provider of the online course.