Uploaded 360 not working (Moodle)


I have created a 360 tour of our college library on a Moodle test page I have set up. I downloaded it so that I could also add it to another Moodle installation. Everyting goes fine but the content does not display, only the description. When I go to edit the H5P, the content is there and everything looks fine. There is a problem with our network set-up that doesn't allow me to embed the content unfortunatly. 

Any ideas about what's going wrong?

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Hi Nige,

Checking the browser console for errors should give you an idea what may be causing the issue.




I always forget to do that! There are a couple of H5P JS error:

h5p.js?ver=2019031301:876 Unable to find constructor for: H5P.ThreeImage 0.2

H5P.error @ h5p.js?ver=2019031301:876


h5p.js?ver=2019031301:1002 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getCopyrights' of undefined

 Any ideas?