limited playing of audio files


I was wondering if there is a possibility of limiting the playing of audio files. I create a lot of hearing exercises and it would be good to allow the students to just hear a file once or twice. 

Thank you in advance!

limited playing of audio files
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Hi Nila R,

I'm afraid there is no setting to limit playing the audio files. Although I think this is a good idea and I'm moving the post to the feature request forum.


Thanks! I'm looking forward to using the feature someday.

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Hi Nila!

Given the disable/enable functions that I added recently, this should be doable in a couple of lines of code actually. Don't know however if that should be a feature within the audio library or if content types should take care of that if it really makes sense to have that option (as in H5P.Dictation). That might be a decision that's up for the core team to decide.