Multiple Choice Question.

Hello. I have a problem with multiple choice question. I looked the multiple choice tutorial and I noticed "Media Section" is missing in editor. Because of the fact that, the page is not saving when I clicked the save button. There is an error message in console. I tried this in firefox and chrome, stuation is same.I added the console image and editor image.

Moodle version: 3.7

Platform: Desktop

H5p Version: 1.18

H5p content type: multpile choice/ multiple choice in course presentation

Multiple Choice Plugin version: Multiple Choice (1.7.1) - Multiple Choice (1.13.2) | There is two version when I looked the H5p plugin page.

Chrome version: 75.0.3770.142

Content types: 
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Hi kayasey,

If you are trying to edit an old content try updating the library cache by going to Site Administration -> Plugins -> H5P Libraries and click on "Update Content Type Cache"Update. If this doesn't help please answer the questions below:

1. Can you create other content types?

2. Can you save the content if you download and upload the sample content?



Hello thank you for your answer but I solved the problem. The problem was with my mod_hvp_renderer.php file.

I wanna ask you something. Can I add branch property to "multiple choice question"? I tried this so much, Multpile Choice is running perfect when I add exstra field to semantic.json and en.json file alone. But I have an error when I want to use with in course Presentation. Console saying like that "Uncauth error 'fields'... what is the 'fields' I dont know.

Could you please show me a way to do this?