Is there a way to remove a branching question without deleting all the following elements?

I'm building a learning resource that makes extensive use of branching questions. However, I would now like to swap out one of the branching questions in the middle of the project for a.n.other content type. But when I try, H5P wants to delete every element that follows the branching question.

Have tried bypassing the branching question by setting previous contet to jump past it - but it still wants to delete eveything that follows. And there doesn't seem to be a way of copy/pasting groups of elements ( ie it's single elements or everything) that would allow me to copy everything after the branching question, delete the question and then paste in everything that followed.

Hoping I'm missing an obvious solution! Any suggestions gratfeully received.

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Hi map17,

Afaik there is no feature to keep the elements after a branching question. Although you do have a point that whenever a change similar to yours is needed the feature to keep them is needed. I moved this post to the Feature Request forum.


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Map17, I've had to completely redesign my courses multiple times because I wanted to remove a single branching question. The only safe solution that I've found is to design the entire course using text blocks that reference what will go there when it's complete. Obviously, this is a terrible way to design a course and presents many issues on its own. Another option would be to have someone code a warning that will display if you attempt to place a branching question anywhere other than the end of your course or simply warn every single time you attempt to use it at all. 

If you find a better solution, please let me know.