H5P to be integrated in Moodle Core

We’re thrilled to announce that H5P is soon to be integrated in Moodle core. We will be getting hundreds of millions of new community members for Christmas!

What does this mean for the H5P Community?

  • The community will be expanding very, very quickly as more Moodle users will be joining as they upgrade their Moodle sites.

  • More users means more feedback, more contributions and H5P moving forward faster.

  • There will be a lot more H5P content created in the world which means more content to share and reuse!

What does this mean for Moodle users already using H5P?

  • The initial version of the core integration will only allow for uploads and embeds from third-party sites. It won’t allow for authoring within Moodle which means that we will continue to maintain  the H5P plugin and you will probably want to keep using it until the core version is able to do everything the plugin does today.

  • If you’re using H5P.com in Moodle, you’ll be able to use the new core improvements to embed from H5P.com. H5P.com will continue to offer an increasing amount of premium features and support that can only be obtained on H5P.com.

  • We won’t stop maintaining our plugin until Moodle Core has the same features and there is an easy way to switch from the plugin to core. This may happen as early as May 2020 or it might take a lot longer. We’ll see.

The Moodle Core integration promises to incorporate H5P tightly with other parts of Moodle and we’re excited to see the integration being completed incrementally in the next few versions of Moodle!

Read the official press release.