Wix plugin

Is there a Wix plugin I could use now / soon?


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It might be that you could embed H5P content there using the iframe embed code provided by the H5Ps. I think the best way to get H5P into new platforms is that users of those platforms request it, so if you reach out to WIX and wish that they integrate H5P they might listen. Since WIX doesn't seem to be open source we can't do anything without their cooperation as far as I can tell, but I'm no WIX expert.

I want it too!!! Please.

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Hi Mariana,

There is an embed code that the H5P contents generate. You  an use this to embed your contents in Wix. I have been doing this and so far it is working quite well.


where is the code? I cannot find it. I want to insert the quiz in to wix.

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Hi nedaneda,

You should see the embed button at bottom of the content.


H i BV52
when trying to embed H5p content in wix using the html i frame code I keep getting an error 

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Hi itaiMat,

I assume that "free trial" means H5P.com. If so make sure that the content is published 'Public' and domain whitelisting is either set to off or Wix is included in the list. Also if you can provide the code that you are using it will also be helpful.


Thanks, man. I do the same thing. :)