Wix plugin

Is there a Wix plugin I could use now / soon?


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It might be that you could embed H5P content there using the iframe embed code provided by the H5Ps. I think the best way to get H5P into new platforms is that users of those platforms request it, so if you reach out to WIX and wish that they integrate H5P they might listen. Since WIX doesn't seem to be open source we can't do anything without their cooperation as far as I can tell, but I'm no WIX expert.

I want it too!!! Please.

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Hi Mariana,

There is an embed code that the H5P contents generate. You  an use this to embed your contents in Wix. I have been doing this and so far it is working quite well.


where is the code? I cannot find it. I want to insert the quiz in to wix.

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Hi nedaneda,

You should see the embed button at bottom of the content.


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when trying to embed H5p content in wix using the html i frame code I keep getting an error 

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Hi itaiMat,

I assume that "free trial" means H5P.com. If so make sure that the content is published 'Public' and domain whitelisting is either set to off or Wix is included in the list. Also if you can provide the code that you are using it will also be helpful.


But you have to pay for H5P.com?

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Hi olivelemasne,

You are correct, H5P.com is a paid service. It provides hosting for H5P contents and other features:

1. LTI integration providing single sign-on and grade book pass-back.
2. 24/5 priority support from the H5P Core Team.
3. High-end infrastructure ensuring very high availability & great performance (automatic scaling & fail-overs on almost every component, upgrades with no downtime, automated uptime monitoring on all components that calls us up automatically if anything goes down, CDN etc.).
4. A dedicated team of H5P experts operating the systems.
5. 99.9% SLA.
6. Backups, upgrades, etc. handled by the H5P Core Team.
7. Detailed drill-down reports providing assessment questions, answers, time completed, and more!
8. Custom content management.
9. Detailed configuration of what content types should be available for your organization.
10. CSS styling via the admin interface.

11. H5P.com exclusive contents such as Multipoll, Worldcloud and Emoji cloud.

You can opt to use the free H5P plugin and self host the contents. 


Thanks, man. I do the same thing. :)


I have an older Word Press website where I created a bunch of h5p lessons. I created a new blog using Wix.

I'd like to try to transfer the h5p over to Wix. When I use embed, it simply uses the old website's code and puts it into the Wix website.

When I do this, only a picture of the h5p interactive shows up, not the interactive itself.

What I'm wondering is...do I have to start all the way over? Is that even possible on Wix? And moving forward, how would I create new interactives while in Wix, or is this not really possible?

Is it in the works for Wix to have an h5p plugin, or do they already and I just haven't seen it yet :)



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Hi Elizabeth,

My test site still works.

How did you add the embed core? Did you add it via Add -> Embed - Custom Embed -> Embed site -> code? Is the content public in Wordpress?

With regards to a plugin there are no plans from the H5P core team to create one. However H5P is open sourced so anyone can create or fund the creation of it.




I am trying to embed an "external link" from my "Course Presentation" into a WiX web page. Unfortunately it is not displayed. The presentation is set to public. And on Wix it only says that the embedded web page must start with "https". I do not understand why it does not work.

Regards, Simon

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Hi Simon,

It looks like Wix updated their UX from the last time I accessed it. To embed a content go to Add -> Embed Widget -> Settings -> Choose Code -> Paste the embed code -> Click update.

External links won't work since it is not designed to embed a site instead it is used for links to a website.


Hi there, I've embedded my H5P object on a Wix site in the way you've suggested, but the reuse and embed options do not appear in the bar below the object. 

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Hi KavitaLD,

The bar below the content is controlled by the author. You can enable disable this when creating/editing the content. I attached sample screenshots from Moodle and H5P.com, Drupal and Wordpress have similar options.