WordPress Plugin

An H5P plugin is now available for WordPress. You may follow the development process and contribute at GitHub.

To get started using H5P on your WordPress site:

  1. Download your desired H5P content type from Examples and downloads on h5p.org. The file is saved in the .h5p format.
  2. Log on to your WP-admin interface
  3. Under Plugins in the admin menu, press Add new
  4. Search for H5P in the plugins search field and press Install Now under the H5P plugin. Press OK in the dialog.
  5. The plugin will now be installed. When the installation is finished, press Activate Plugin
  6. H5P should now appear in the list of installed plugins and the item H5P Content is now available in the admin menu
  7. Under H5P Content in the admin menu, press Add new
  8. Give the H5P a title and select the Upload radio button
  9. Upload the .h5p file you downloaded in step 1
  10. Press Create
  11. You can now edit this H5P or you can create new H5Ps of the same content type.
  12. To create new H5Ps from scratch, follow the procedure in step 7 and then select the Create radio button followed by pressing the Create button. The H5P editor will now show up and you can create your own customized content.

To add more H5P content types to your WordPress site, download any other H5P content type from Examples and downloads on h5p.org. You only have to do this once for each content type; once you have uploaded a certain content type to your WP site, you will be able to create new content without uploading any files. 

Check out the tutorials on the Documentation pages to learn more about creating content.

Please visit the Forum for any support or questions.