Branching Scenario


The 'branching scenario' has a few content options which you can drag to your 'workbook'

I could not however paste other content types.  For example, I created 'dialog cards' copied this content to the clipboard but then I could not paste this content to the 'branching scenario.'

Is there anyway to accomplish this?

Thank you for your help

Content types: 
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Hi Menashay,

The copy/paste option only works for contents that you can already created in Branching Scenario and I'm afraid Dialog Cards is not one of those. For you to be able to use other content types there needs to be some changes/additions to the code.


Thank you BV.

Do you by any chance know where can I find the libraries with the WordPress plugin.

I could not find the branching js library.



Actually I found it in the 'content' folder