Interactive Video Error using Safari / IPAD after 1.14 Upgrade


Here are my specs;

PHP: 5.6.38
MySql: 5.6.41

Moodle 3.2.2+
H5P: V1.14
Interactive Video: 1.20.3
Interactive Video Editor: 1.20.3
Interactive Video: 1.17.5
Interactive Video Editor: 1.17.4

My Problem:

I recently upgraded from H5P V1.7 to H5P V1.14 , after successfully getting it to run using Moodle 3.2.2+ (found a fix on the site for this).

The problem I am having is with Interactive Video Content not running under Safari on the Ipad
(Note: Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome are Fine)

1) Older Pre-existing Interactive videos created using Version 1.7 are working fine on all platforms after the upgrade (I'm assuming these were created using Interactive Video 1.17.5 library) and they have not been touched since the new 1.14 H5P has been installed

2) New Interactive Videos created using H5P V.14 are not rendering on the IPAD / Safari Browser.  The error I'm getting is "Video Format Not Supported". I'm assuming these videos are created using the 1.20.3 Interactive Video Libraries. As I said above, they work fine under Firefox and Chrome.

3) I did upgrade the Interactive Video Content Libraries once I upgraded to H5P V1.14 and I think this is were the problem lies. I've tested with the exact same mp4 video and have excluded any video format issues.

Is there anyway to downgrade the Interactive Video Library so I can testing if this is the issue. I'm hesitant to downgrade to V1.7 as I think this may create a lot of issues.

Best regards,


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Hi extensalogic,

Thank you for reporting this. There is an existing bug report and you can follow the progress here.

As for downgrading the libraries afaik there is no way of doing this not unless you uninstall the plugin and download the older version from github.  Also contents that were created with the newer version will not work as well.




I just want to mention that we just ran in the same issue.

It seems to affect only older version of iOS. Tested with two different iPads running iOS 9.3.5.

So it's a combo of library version and iOS version. Latest libraries (1.20.x) for Interactive Video don't work with older iOS versions.



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Same issue here.

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We are having the same issue here with Safari ou through the Moodle app. H5P interactive video will not work on IOS. It will display "Video Format not supported" if video was uploaded and "Video not available" if the source is Youtube. We are removing interactives videos until a fix is available. 

Problem is prensent on iOS 12 and 13 beta at this time.

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I tried to investigate the interactive video on other browser and got a message to enable Flash plugin thus allowing interactive video to work. This is probably the reason it is not woking on Ios platforms.

I could compare a working version (1.19.4) and a non working version (1.20.4) on an Ipad 2. The cookies are not send with the request so the server responds with an not allowed status (403  with moodle).

Hope that helps!


It looks like the cause is the crossorigin attribute.

The old video player version didnt set a crossorigin. No it gets set and safari on ios has issues with sending cookies when doing CORS.

old video tag

video src="..." webkit-playsinline="" playsinline="" preload="metadata" class="h5p-video" style="display: block;"

new video tag:

video crossorigin="anonymous" src="..." webkit-playsinline="" playsinline="" preload="metadata" class="h5p-video" style="display: block;"

I can verify now that crossorigin="use-credentials" helps.

The moodle setting $CFG->mod_hvp_crossorigin='use-credentials' get propagatet to the H5pIntegrator but the Video module seems to not respect that, so my quick fix looks like:

$('video').attr('crossorigin', 'use-credentials').prop('crossorigin', 'use-credentials').get(0).load()


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Have you tried settings $CFG->mod_hvp_crossoriginRegex to * or whatever site you want the credentials to apply to?

I tried now, but doesnt work as we are not on the latest version with the moodle plugin but thanks.