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Hey guys,

first of all thanks to everybody who is contributing to this amazing framework!

A real game changer in terms of interactivity and content creation. I really hope this is just the beginning of interactive content creation.

I have a request for the 'Find the hotspot' module. So far it is 'only' possible to add circles and squares. For many applications it would be really usefull to add free hand shapes. Ther is a plugin called 'Draw attention' ( which is doing exactly that.

I'm intending to use it, for example to map regions in satellite images. As you can see int hte example, the valley is neither suqared nor a circle, so it would be terrific to draw a polygon intho this image.

Would it be possible to implement this feature into H5P?

Thanks a ton in advance,


Custom hotspot shapes
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Hi Robert,
I agree and think this is a good suggestion.

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I think has many advantages, would be a great feature

In our case we need the freeform tool badly. Dentists need to be a little bit more precise to find the hotspots of our theeth... at least I hope so ;-)

Any more news about this? Would work really well for all hotspot style questions!

Is there any more news about this?

It would work brilliantly for all types of HotSpot question and interactive types...

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Hi Gideon,

Afaik no one has picked up this project yet.