h5p-iframe-wrapper issue


I am using wplms and all of a sudden (no plugin installed) I faced the following issue...

1. Steps to recreate the bug: When I am exploring the units within the started course, h5p content is not loading BUT if I refresh the page, viola! It is loading the content.

2. Platform you're using: WordPress 5.4

3. Mobile or Desktop: both

4. Browser: Chrome, Maxthon

5. H5P plugin version: 1.15.0

6. H5P content type version: Interactive Video (1.21.8)

7. screenshots attached

this is the wrapper when I press REFRESH on the page

<div class="h5p-iframe-wrapper" style="">

<iframe id="h5p-iframe-9" class="h5p-iframe h5p-initialized" data-content-id="9" style="height: 284px;" src="about:blank" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe></div>

This is the wrapper before refreshing the page:

<div class="h5p-iframe-wrapper">

<iframe id="h5p-iframe-9" class="h5p-iframe" data-content-id="9" style="height:1px" src="about:blank" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>


there are no errors at the console.

Content types: 
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Hi kostashania,

Would you happen to be using a lazy load plugin? If so would you mind disabling it and checking if the issue persists? If it resolves the issue I suggest that you make changes to the settings of the lazy load.


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Thank you!

Your idea brought my solution. Working within a wordpress installation with lazyload function by smushpro plugin.
I had several starnge days where the content was only shown within the preview and not within the saved lesson...

Your idea brought me to stop lazyload for this post type and voilà everything works fine.
So as a reference for others having may the same issue!

Thank you!

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Saw the same issue here on multisite where WP Smush (free) was network activated. The h5p iframe wrapper was added a class="lazyload" which triggered console errors of "Unexpected identifier 'lazyload'. Expected '}' to end an object literal." preventing display of all H5P content. deactivating WP-Smush took care of issue. Thanks for helping confirm issue.

Thank you for the reply! I found the solution, it was the ajax enabled course option in wplms. Although for future reference there must be a fix for this. If I choose the unit from the side curriculum  - it is not loading but if I reload the page - it is loading.

Once again, thank you for the reply, keep up the good work!