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I have been using columns, fill in the blanks, interactive videos, quiz etc with great success. I am a chemistry teacher and often need to include subscript <sub> and superscript <sup> in questions/answers. Currently this functionality is not available in many editors but it would make the content so much more powerful for teaching science and maths. 


Content types; Fill in the blanks, quiz (question set), summary, essay

subscript and superscript
Content types: 
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Hi Veg!

Have you considered to use LaTeX with all the fancy shenanigans you can do with it?


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Would you like to be able to display chemistry formulas in your question texts only OR enable the students to use such formatting in their answers too?

I had been thinking just about the questions. But looking further forward if students could have this functionality too that would be helpful.

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Putting superscripts and subscripts in questions can easily be achieved by the teacher by having at the ready a website with the necessary codes, for copy-paste. There are many, I have used Please note that I do NOT use the Alt codes themselves, I simply copy (and paste) the super/subscripts in my question text.

It is also not a problem in such questions as MULTIPLE CHOICE, etc. where the student only has to click or drag & drop, not type their answer.

Requiring the students to do the same when typing their answers is more complicated. You could direct them to a website with the necessary codes, as mentioned above, but the easiest thing is to provide them with a complete list of those super/subscripts that they will need in their answers.

I am attaching 2 screenshots from H5P contents I have just created as POC (Proof Of Concept). Screenshot #1 is a multiple choice and #2 a Fill in the Blanks.

That is really helpful, thank you!