Creating an activity with Circle and Underlining feature


Is there any way we can implement the type of activity (see attachment) in H5P?

Also, in the Multiple hotspots activity, any way to keep the "X" icon also keep showing when clicked on a wrong hotspot and now allow the user to eb able to change it?

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Hi Tarandeep,

I'm afraid both features are not available yet. However these are greate suggestions and I have moved your post to the Feature Request forum.


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Hi all!

Sounds like the "Highlight the words" idea that the school in Bubendorf, Switzerland is trying to collect funds for, cmp.



Kind off.

I tried this method but the client didn't like it... He wanted 2 ways to mark the words.

So this solution didn't work.

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Hi Tarandeep!

I did not suggest to use that content type, but to the idea for a new content type that is described at the bottom at the post (Idea #1: “Highlight the Words”). It needs to be funded and coded. Schule Bubendorf is willing to organize funding. So, if you want to chip in some money for the development, you should get in touch with them. Their content information can be found on that page, too.


Hi BV,

Yeah... Thought so... Will definitely add this up in the feature request forum.