IE7 & IE8 support

Hi there,

I believe H5P is not currently compatible with IE7 and IE8. I'm working with a large client who has both these browsers across their organisation.

Do H5P packages just not work at all on these browsers, or is it just certain functions?

In your experience, what would be the work required to enable users of these browsers to have a reasonable experience with H5P packages?



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That is correct. There are core javascript functions used for emulating inheritance that does not work in old versions of IE, and H5P haven't been tested in old versions of IE for a while. Fixing the one known problem won't take too much time and we used to work in IE8 before with flash fallback for videos etc. Fixing css problems and other unknown problems may take a lot longer.

If you want to pursue this you might want to take a look at this StackOverflow issue.

Just stumbled across this, and wanted to remind you that even Microsoft itself has dropped support for the consumer-versions of these browsers, so they are not getting security updates:

Oh yes. I know that. But that doesn't stop large organisations insisting on using these old browsers...