"You do not have access to this content. Try logging in"


We have created a few H5P interactives and embedded them in our moodle courses. 

Certain accounts can view the interactives without problems but others get the error message "You do not have access to this content.  Try logging in.”. 

there seems to be no correlation between the type of account (i.e teacher/student) and the error message as some teachers can view without issue, others cannot. 

Screenshots attached.

Need help with this ASAP please. 


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Hi egregg!

I assume that the course that you're trying to embed the content from is not publicly accessible. In that case, any user that is not a learner/teacher in that course will not be able to access the H5P interaction just like any other content of the course.


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We're all of a sudden having the same issue. Admin can see the Moodle-made embedded iframe H5P activity content, but no one else can (teachers/students)- they see the "you do not have access..." message. 

The H5P activity was created as follows:

  • In an available Moodle course (not hidden)
  • In an available section (no restrctions)
  • The H5P Activity was in stealth mode (Hidden but available) (though I turned off the stealth mode and made it compeltely available yet no one can see it still). 

I dont recall this being an issue the last few months... All users can see the activity directly, but not when embedded using the iframe: ie: https://school.21cccs.org/mod/hvp/embed.php?id=573017 ... (iframe src="https://school.21cccs.org/mod/hvp/embed.php?id=577796" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" width="733" height="302" frameborder="0")

Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this? 


All users can see the H5P activity, even in Stealth mode: https://school.21cccs.org/mod/hvp/view.php?id=580414

When "view" is in the URL, no issues. But when "embed" is in the URL (in place of the word "view"), it tells the users they should try loggin in, despite being logged in and having full access to that class and activity. Once the embed code is grabbed, then they *student and teachers* cannot see that same activity: 

<iframe src="https://school.21cccs.org/mod/hvp/embed.php?id=580414" width="953" height="231" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

I'm using Moodle 3.4.6 and H5P version 1.12

I was wondering if this has progressed at all, I am having the same issue.

 Admin can see the Moodle-made embedded iframe H5P activity content, but no one else can (teachers/students)- they see the "you do not have access..." message. 



I am having the same issue.  How would I know if I am embededing content is not publicly accessible?  I am using cohorts for my 2 types of users, would that cause an issue?  I need to get this content to display for my users.  Thanks

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Hi Christy!

On moodle, your H5P content will not be publicly available if the course it is to be found in is not publicly available. That's not a restriction that H5P is imposing, but moodle does.

If you want H5P contents to be publicly accessible/embeddable, you will have to

  1. enable guest access for that course (Participants->Settings Cog->Enrolment methods). This will allow people to login as a guest without any credentials.
  2. enable auto-login for guests (Site Administration->Users->Permissions->User Policies->Auto-login guests). This will remove the need to click the login button and make all contents of that course embeddable.

Please note that these settings may interfere with how the rest of the site is intended to be used.


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So it turns out that this is what happended:

1 - Teacher created a course, including H5P activities. She included some embed links from the H5P activities into her course Lessons

2 - I cloned the course. 

3 - Students enrolled in the cloned course couldn't see the embedded H5P activities. This is becuase they were embed links that were attempting to show the H5P activities from the original course, the ones these students were not enrolled in. 

So even though cloning a course creates a new instance of the H5P Activities, it does not update the embed links to match these new activities. So once I went intot the lessons and updated the ID number to match the H5P activies for that course, then all was fine...

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Hi 21cccs,

I'm glad it's working for you now and thank you for getting back to us. This should help anyone that may be encountering the same problem in the future.


I had the same problem. Copied a course in Moodle that included H5P activity embeded within the course. Forgot to update the embed code in the new course. Received emails asking why participants were getting the "...try loggin in" message. Searched and found this answer in less than a minute.



I updated to the most recent version of moodle, and now have this error, when I didn't before the update.

My course is set out like follows:

  • 5 different h5p course presentation modules - hidden from student using edit/common module settings.
  • The embed code pasted into each page of a moodle lesson.

I am not aware of any other pemissions settings, but when logged in as a student I get the error message

You do not have access to this content. Try logging in.

I have already gone back and cut and pasted the embed code into the moodle lesson, but the error message is the same.

I re-iterate that I didn't get this issue before the moodle update. None of the lessons were cloned or duplicated.





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Hi geckonet,

Would you mind providing the following:

  1. Platform and version number: Moodle Version: 
  2. H5P plugin version


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When you say: "5 different h5p course presentation modules - hidden from student using edit/common module settings" do you mean put into Stealth Mode ('hidden but available') or do you mean actually 'hidden' -- hidden will prevent your iframe from displaying to students where as stealth mode would allow that iframe to be visible. 


I am not sure how to fix this on my end.  It is not a cloned course.  I am using cohorts to put users into two different types of courses.  Any solutions anyone can share for this frustrating problem?  Thanks so much

Moodle server running 3.4+ .

Course was NOT cloned. H5P content is not from old courses. 

In a class with 16 students, two of them are getting the "You do not have access to this content. Try logging in." error. The others are fine.  Tried adding a new "dummy" student (from a different email domain) to the course and got the same error.

Admin accounts, Teachers, Managers see the content fine.

H5P content OUTSIDE the "book" can be viewed fine by those three student accounts.  
Checked Moodle permissions for the student users. They are identical.




The embedded codes suddenly not working/displaying for my course. I am an admin of the course and can still view them but not the course owner and participants. H5p version is currently 1.20.1 and moodle in 3.5


All the activities worked previously but suddenly none of my embedded H5P activities are working. Guest access in enabled, student's self enrol and when enrolled it still says "You do not have access to this content. Try logging in." There is no restricted access and the activities have not been cloned from another course. H5P version 1.20.2 with Moodle 3.8.1+ (Build 20200117)  Please can you offer any help with this matter.  AAC Guided Pathways level 1 Thank you. 

Hey guys, any updates on this? I'm facing this same issue and its making me insane, as some but not all embedded h5p activities ask for login while i'm logged in with student account. Even if i have a manager rights asks for login. It's so confusing and frustrating

moodle 3.9.10+

h5p version 1.20.2


please, help 

Hallo, Any updates on this error?

Moodle 4.2 / H5P 1.24