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I can't see the video when I enter the Vimeo Pro URL

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Hi syusanjun,

When you say "I can't see the video" does this mean you are getting an error message, the video player is blank or something else? Is the issue happening while editing the content or when viewing it? What browser/s are you using and what version? Do you see any errors in the browser console?

Tip in posting: Provide as much information as you can, this way members from the community will have some clues to what might be causing the issue.


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Could it be you are still not retrieving a direct link to the video file from the options, but still simply using the URL to the page that the video is hosted in?



I will upload a screenshot

I entered the url.

Video format not supported.

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Hi syusanjun,

Please make sure that you are following the steps provided in this documentation. If you have the steps and are still getting the error message I suggest that you provide the information I asked from my previous comment.