Unable to Save Result Data Code 500


We are using LearnDash and have H5P Multiple Choice questions embedded in various courses. There is now a pop-up error on each page with a H5P Quiz saying "Unable to save result data. Message: error. Code: 500" (see screenshot attached). Any engagement with the H5P MC question will lead to the same error. Pages with H5P Slideshow do not produce this error.

H5P version 1.15.0
WP version: 5.5.2
Browser: Google Chrome

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This is not a message sent by H5P, but probably by WP-H5P-XAPI, cmp. https://github.com/tunapanda/wp-h5p-xapi/blob/bdc4cd1e5e7b5fe79b8dc99906d6f521f9c435f6/wp-h5p-xapi.js#L29 Do you have that one installed?