Course Presentation not tracking results


I just realized that one of my quizzes is not tracking in the results.

I used the Course Presentation option.

First I embedded an image.

Then I added the Drag and Drop option on top of the image.

After I complete the Drag and Drop activity, I go to my results, and this is what I get, "There are no logged results for this content."

I am using a laptop to test this and I have the h5p plugin Version 1.15.0 in my wordpress site Current version: 5.6


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Hi CrossSeven,

You mentioned "After I complete the Drag and Drop activity, I go to my results", does this mean you did not reach the Summary Slide? The Course Presentation content type will not send scores if the user did not reach the Summary Slide also Admins does not get score, so make sure you're logged in as a student when trying.


Thank you! That worked.

I have one more question. Is there a way I can track the score every time I take a quiz? Currently, only the last quiz result shows.

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The results section of H5P is not very sophisticated. It just saves the data of the last attempt. You might want to look into xAPI and use a Learning Record Store - or contribute to/fund the WordPress plugin development ;-)