Is it possible to disable Playback Rate


H5P is new to me and I'm trying to wrap myu head around it. I started with creating an interactive video with some quizes along the way. Most of what I need for my project is already in place with this content type. But I could not find a way to disable Playback Rate selection. Is there a way to disable it?

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Hi canpolat,

I'm afraid there is no option to turn this off.


BV52, thank you for the response. I suppose a flag to disable playback rate would be a good addition (even though it is a fairly common function in educational videos).

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Hi canpolat,

This is a good suggestion and thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.

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If you are pulling the libraries into your installation you can disable the playback rate in the js code for html5 video player.

in look for the playback rates array and remove all rates but "1".

/** @constant {Object} */


I don't recommend this though, but it can get you out of a jam.

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Feel free to just hide the button using CSS. There shouldn't be any need to touch the code for this. Please check the docs for customizing H5P.



Please can you tell me where to find the css instructions to hide the button?

Thank you

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You can check this page for more details.


Ok, Thank you

I believe it is important to have this option in the option panel. I work for an large educational organisation and for one to make changes via CSS or programming changes is impossible. However, if H5P could implement an optional button to disable the playback speed would be fab and it will not involve people tinkering with the software. Educational institutions would prefer the software "as is" to minimise risk. So, I beg H5P to install this option somewhere and enforce an new release update for all. Thank you for this H5P tool. Its fabulous.

I agree also, please please provide the option to disable the playback rate. As an educator to teenagers, this is a very distracting option for students and can completely undermine the content being delivered. Please allow it to be disabled where required without programming changes being necessary.


I also agree with disabling the playback rate for users. There is an option to remove the fast forward option there should also be an option to remove the playback rate. Having one but not the other doesn't do any good. Users can still fast forward at 2x the speed of playback.

I am new to creating content for mandatory trainings and yes! We need a way to slow down videos...I can see that people are whizzing through content at double speed. Not good. Especially for safety and harassment trainings. PLEASE FIX!  Thank you!. 

I am new to creating content for mandatory trainings and yes! We need a way to slow down videos...I can see that people are whizzing through content at double speed. Not good. Especially for safety and harassment trainings. PLEASE FIX!  Thank you!. 

Here's an idea for all of you to discourage speeding up play back of videos... Put the video in a "Course Presentation" and then add a rectangle over the playback speed icon.  It doesn't disable the playback button, but is a deterrent!  I've included a sample screen shot of what I'm talking about. Hope this helps--especially all you teachers out there. I feel your pain.


What authoring tool are you using in your picture? The reason I am trying h5p is that I want to get away from Captivate. Captivate can create interactive videos like h5p, but the mobile design is not good if you are designing for both mobile and desktop users at the same time. I am using my LMS to host my courses in html5 and the video presenter option doesn't offer anything like this.

We chose the OpenLMS (SNAP) platform--moodlebased. We build most of the content with H5P--mostly video. It looks good in mobile too. And with Intelliboard, we can create amazing reports and actually see how much time is spent in a course. I think eventually it all rounds out, but I hate that people can speed up videos that we spend soooooo much time building. My biggest complaint with OpenLMS is that there is limited space for hosting content so we have to put videos on youtube. If we want videos hosted, there is a different plug in that costs thousands which my company won't pay for. My other complaint is that there are some navigation bugs with H5P with module completions, but I've tried to make some work arounds. I've been doing this since March...I'm my own team, so it's been in a deep dive into LMS world all alone. If you have any other questions, let me know. Good luck!

 I too supoport the removal or option to disable the playback rate function. From pedagogical perspective this function doesn't have much sense. if I need to listen to something carefully, I can rewind back and listen again.  Listening to distorted voice is distractive. I don't think YouTube or Vimeo or any other common video player has such option. Or am I missing something? Is anybody meaningfully using this function?

Many of us are hosting our courses on platforms that we have no full control of (e.g. LMS for large organizations etc), so changing libraries or CSS si simply not an option.

Thanks for considering.


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Hi Petr,

Thank you for the input.

Just a side note most video hosting platforms have playback rate options which includes Youtube and Vimeo.


BV, what Petr and I are both asking is to have an option to DISABLE playback. We want the option in H5P to shut it off.