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The training that I am designing right now is about Administrative Investigation.  There is a timeline for facts to gather in the investigaiton, this is a huge task in this field.  My goal is to design all the storytelling of the case study for the investigation with Vyond.  So all short videos would provide the investigator with facts to gather in the story.  I would like to have a timeline on which for each day that facts come up, the participant can click on that day on the timeline and then access to a video (done in VYOND, with all facts provided as described earlier.)

So, do you know if H5P is using this type of timeline?  or may come up with an updated version of the timeline feature soon?


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to add on my first request : timeline with videos would be embedded in the course.  

If I am not mistaken, then the timeline content type is a repacking of Knight Labs TimelineJS project. When you look at the samples on their site, you'll see that they do support embedded videos and much more. The reason why this is not available in H5P is simply that a rather old version is packaged, i. e. all it would take is to update the packaged libraries and possibly the UI.

So my guess is that the person, who originally contributed the H5P content type, isn't with the project anymore and thus updates have fallen behind.

There is also a straight Wordpress plugin for TimelineJS, so you can use timelines in Wordpress without H5P and that plugin packages a much more recent version of TimelineJS. Perhaps that could help you. However, what that plugin does not have is the UI for editing the content, so you have to host your content on Google Docs or in an external JSON file.

Personally, I would be interested to know about the status of the H5P timeline and who should be talked to about potential pull requests (and could also tutor on the inner workings of the content type).

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Hi Everyone,

Ulim is right, H5P is using the very first version of Timeline that Knightlabs created.

With regards to what is in store for contents types that were created by the community but since has abandoned managing it Oliver has started a conversation here.