H5P examples don't work on iPad


  1. Detailed steps to reproduce: Go to URLs: https://h5p.org/branching-scenario AND  https://h5p.org/interactive-video
  2. Platform and version number: Latest, made by H5P yourselves
  3. Mobile or Desktop: iPad (mobile browser on iPad I think)
  4. Browser: Chrome & Safari
  5. H5P plugin version: Latest, made by H5P yourselves
  6. H5P content type and version: Interactive Video & Branching Scenario - Latest, made by H5P yourselves
  7. Any browser console errors (Unknown - iPad no F12 console, so frustrating!!!)
  8. Any PHP errors (unknown)
  9. Screenshots if it's a visual problem - Attached
  10. iPad OS version: 9.3.5



https://h5p.org/branching-scenario AND  https://h5p.org/interactive-video don't display for me on iPad.
Perhaps it's my iPad?

I would LOVE for these interactions to be workable on iPad :) Can you advise?

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Hi digiandrew,

H5P aims to support the 2 most recent versions of browsers/OS. I tried this on an iPad that is running on iOS 12.4 and I was able to use the contents.It could possibly be that you need to update the OS and browser. If there are any other suggestions feels free to post your comments.


thanks BV

Yes - older OS (9.3.5) is not supported. This makes sense now - thanks!