How to select/change fonts on an H5P

I discovered H5P just yesterday while looking for a timeline plugin for Wordpress. I was very impressed so I dove in and used the Timeline H5P as a starting point for a client timeline we are working on. I found answers to everything I needed through the documentation; however the font in the timeline H5P did not conform to the default font settings of my theme, so I consulted the online documentation but can not find any instruction for font selection. I next tried the H5P Forum but there is no (visible) search capability (and simply browsing through all topics is impractical) — even after signing up and logging in. So can someone point me in the right direction to learn (a) how to configure H5P to use the Wordpress theme default fonts, or (b) how to set/change the font of an H5P? Thanks for a great resource, and kindest regards!
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You need to create some custom CSS to be able to set the font. Hopefully, the following page will help you:

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I believe the fonts matters in design! 

I like tropical fonts!