Find the words size of activity window and "allow single character" option?

Hello, I am using h5p with moodle 3.10 and have been playing around with the Find the words activity.

I teach English and Japanese and setup a Find a words for a unit on greetings. I was pleasantly surprised to see it works well for Japanese! However, I had two suggestions:

1) Make the size of the word list box bigger or somewhat adjustable (is it already possible to do this?). Some words contain quite a few characters in Japanese and as such they word wrap, causing a bit of confusion.

2) Option to allow single characters for recognition of individual phonetic characters or individual kanji. This could be fantastic for beginner character recognition in languages such as Japanese, Chinese, etc. where single characters represent phonetic compounds or entire words. Like picking a kanji out of kanji soup. Would be great.

Thank you very much.

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Hi gengoac!

That content type was not created by the H5P core team, but by Jithin Thankachan. He seems to have stopped working on the content type.


Thanks Oliver. I'm not a programmer myself, but is there a way to see if anyone is willing to pick up the project on the core team, i.e. donating or sponsoring the project somehow?

Or perhaps to contact the original author to see if they are willing to work on it again?

Thanks very much for the reply.

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Hi gengoac,

The H5P core team have plans to review and see if they can take over development of content types that are not being managed by the original developer. However I do not have any timelines on when and if this will happen.

The only way I know to get in touch with the developer is through their git repository.