HTML5 Crossword Generator

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Looks like it would make a cool H5P Content Type!

Hi iwant to create crossword puzzle with h5p. Is anywhere i can find examples or tutorial to create please

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Hi zionarun,

I think this thread can be of help. There is no official crossword puzzle content type but there are siome prototypes from community members.


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There's a crossword content type that's in development for H5P and should be done soon, see


love that you've built in accessibilty. well done.

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Thanks! Accessibility is yet to be improved before release though.

Is this crossword available now?

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Yes, has been for quite a while:

Hi Oliver,

This is an amazing addition!! I really appreciate it.. I remember making the request a few years back!! Here. .. I am so glad we this has finally happened!!!



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Just some finishing touches required ...

that is amazing news my friend can't wait to give it a try!!

Hi there!

I'm just wondering if there is an editable version of the H5P Crossword available currently?


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Hi ion7,

If you download the content in Oliver's page and upload it to the H5P plugin it will install the libraries (if you are the admin) for Crossword and you should be able to create the content.


Excellent!  Thank you. :)

Thanks BV52! 

It works like a treat and was just what I was looking for ... Thank you, Oliver! :)

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Hi ion7!

Don't thank me. Thank LTC who funded the development!