Image hotspots in interactive books


Trying to add an image hotspot to my interactive book. However, can't find the option in the scroll-down menu. Also tried to copy the activity and paste it onto the book but it is not working either. I can copy other type of resources without any issues. Cannot add the content to columns either. 

Any ideas?

I am editing the content using the H5P site, not plugins. 


Issue with image hotspot within interactive books.
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Hi ealemanf,

When you say "I am editing the content using the H5P site" do you mean or


I am using .org

thanks for replying. 

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Hi ealemanf,

Creating the content

To provide a best possible experience for new users and to ensure that people use only for trying out H5P (we've had more traffic than our server can handle lately, ref also the warnings when you create content, embed content and view the content) there are limited content types that are available.

Check the getting started page for information on how you can use all the content types and use H5P for real. We unfortunately are not able to provide free hosting, only free software :)

Pasting the content

While it should still be possible to paste Image Hotspots it looks like the stand alone Image Hotspot is using a newer version than what Column and Interactive book is using. I tested this and when I pointed the mouse over "paste" I got the message "The content in the H5P clipboard is of a higher version (1.9) than what is supported in this context (1.8)". The H5P core team needs to update both Column and Interactive Book to use the latest version of Image Hotspot