Multiple choice as drop-down

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As a language teacher, it would be very useful to have multiple choice as a drop-down menu.                                                            

Example: he went to the café, but he didn't [buy/bought] anything.

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Hi tormoda!

Have you had a look at Advanced-Fill-in-the-Blanks?



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Thanks, Oliver! That is exactly what I was looking for.

Now I just hope that will include this function, as I think that's where our LMS get's its H5p-functionality from.

Best regards



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Hi Tormod,

I'm afraid there are also some content types that are not available in (this includes Advanced Fill in the Blanks). Below is the list and the reasons why:


Hi, When is an in-line dropdown multiple choice feature  likely to be available on

What about a feature that allows students to drag sentences into position to order them?

I personally feel that these two features are really useful and to be honest they will definately determine whether i stay on as they are a very important part of my course content style/format. 

Is there alikelihood of them being available on anytime soon?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Both is possible. Advanced Fill in the Blanks features drop-down blanks ( Sort the words features ordering sentences ( You can install them on your own H5P powered server by uploading the respective demo contents, but not on, unfortunately. The H5P core team will have to answer if and when they will include those two there.



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I'm not sure if this is the reason, but I notice that when you put an URL inside brackets, this forum does not make it a clickable URL.


Sort the words features ordering sentences (

Sort the words features ordering sentences

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Yes, when I am writing on my smartphone, the link option doesn't work and I don't fiddle with HTML to add the URL.


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OK, thanks.