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I like the interactive book activity.

Is there a way to insert already created h5p activities into the book? I can only see that you need to create activities directly into the interactive book.


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Hi MRIPhysics,

This is possible by utilizing the copy/paste feature of H5P. You need to open the Interactive Book  in edit mode as well as the content you want to copy. Click on the copy button for the content you want to copy (top right corner just below the content picker). Once copy go back to the interactive book and click on Paste (screenshot attached), make sure that you DO NOT click on the Paste & Replace button as this will replace the interactive book with the content that you copied.


Hi, I opened two tabs, selected copy in an activity but when I am in the book, there are two buttons, 'Copy' and 'Paste & Replace' (which is not active).  If I select Add Content at the bottom (like in your attachment), it gives 'Copy' and 'Paste' but the 'Paste' is not selectable. What am I missing here?


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What is the content type that you are trying to paste? Please note that you can only paste content types that you can already create in the receiving content, in this case Interactive Book.


Hi BV,

You are right.  I realize now that the activity I tried to copy was 'Find Multiple Hotspots' and not 'Find the Hotspot'. 

Would you know if 'Find Multiple Hotspots' will be added to the accepted activies for Interactive Book?

Thank you!



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Hi Chris,

From the H5P core team there are no plans in the near future to add Find Multiple Hotspot in Interactive Book.