Self-assessment with summary (questions with no Correct/Incorrect scoring)

Not sure if this is currently possible or not - if it is I'd really appreciate guidance on how to achieve it.  It's something I've been asked for (in Moodle) that might not be a huge deviation from existing activity types and would complement the Personality Test, for example.

Essentially it's a series of hotspot or drag-drop type questions with a limited set of definable answer options that are the same for each question.... e.g:  High /- Medium / Low (e.g as in Priority).  There is no correcy/incorrect scoring - instead the the results are summarised at the end ... ".  A use case might be:

1 - You start by defining your answer options   1= [Like     ]  2= [Neutral  ]  3= [Dislike  ]

2- Create questions , allowing for hotspot or colour coding interactivity in choosing one of the defined answer options.  The flexibility to present one, or multiple questions on a page at a time would be nice.

3- Present summary grouped results to the user e.g:    

You gave the following a "Like" score

  • q1 text
  • q3 text 
  • etc .....

some statistical breakdown e.g. you answered 27% of questions with "Like" with would be nice but not essential for a first release

Self-assessment with summary (questions with no Correct/Incorrect scoring)
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Hi goty2001,

This is not possible with the current contents that are available. Although I think it is a neat idea and can open a lot of possibilities. I think though that this will be a big project (almost like creating a new content) since there's a need to change a lot in a single content to make a change in how it handles the scoring.


Yes, we really need this as well at my University. I am currently experimenting with a quiz essay question customization but it's not exactly what we need. 

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@goty2001(if you're still reading this forum) and @scfrick

If you are using Moodle, then you can achieve exactly what you want with the (contributed) Questionnaire plugin.

Moodle Questionnaire plugin

Moodle Questionnaire forum

Moodle Questionnaire documentation



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Better late than never. Your thankyou message is appreciated!