Column doesn't accept Image Hotspots


when trying to paste a  Image Hotspots content (v1.9.3) into Column (v1.13.0) you get an error: "The content in the clipboard is of higher version(1.9) than what is supported in this context (1.8), if possible try to get this content updated first, and then try pasting the content here again."

Updating did not help: there's no newer version of Column. 

2. Platform is Moodle 3.5

3. on desktop

4.with Chrome browser

5. H5P plugin version 1.21.0

6. Column 1.13.0, Image Hotspots 1.9.3




Column does not accept Image Hotspots to be pasted
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Hi hirvota,

Thank you for reporting this. I filed a report and you can follow the progress here.


I'm having the same problem trying to copy and paste image hotspots into interactive books on - always get the same message that the versions (18.1) and (19) are not compatible. Couldn't see from the link if this had been looked at yet.



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Hi Grant,

I suggest that you reach out to's support directly by following the instructions on this page. I would also suggest that you mention the Jira ticket.