Moodle h5activity attempt report for Drag-and-Drop questions


we are currently experiencing a problem with the attempt report for Drag-and-Drop type questions in the moodle core / mod_h5pactivity integration of H5P.
The "Correct answer" column of the report appears to always suggest the same dropzone as "correct" and the "Attempt answer" feedback is based on this collumn and not the correct answer as set in the .h5p file.

For illustration I have set up an minimal example as follows:
1) Generate a H5P File using the Course Presentation content type
2) Add a Drag-and-Drop question to one of the slides
3) Add two Drop Zones (DZ) to the slide
4) Add 4 answers to the Drag-and-Drop question
5) Set the correct answers "Answer 1" is correct in DZ1 and DZ2 , "Anwser 2" is correct in DZ2, "Anwser 3" is correct in DZ1, "Anwser 4" is correct in neither DZ
6) Save the Course Presentation and add it to an activity
7) Create an attempt at the h5p activity

The attempt report now shows something like this:


But the correct layout should be something like this:


It appears that two distinct problems arise here:

1) Anwsers which are correct in multiple dropzones are not listed multiple times
2) The collumn "Correct anwser" always implies the same dropzone to be correct and the "Attempt anwser" collumn checks against the "Correct anwser" column and not against the actual correct anwsers of the H5P file.

The grading is not affected by these problems and the attempts are graded correctly.

The system setup is: Moodle 3.9.6, mod_h5pactivity 2020061500, Course Presentation 1.22.3, Drag-and-Drop 1.13.14.

If you need any more information feel free to ask. Thanks for your help in advanve


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Hi Nikolai,

The Moodle core integration of H5P was not developed by the H5P core team. I suggest tha you post your concern in the Moodle forums.


Hi Nikolai,

we are having exactly the same issue. Also we have the problem that not all data seem to be logged, i.e. not all the dragged items are recorded in the attempt report. Were you able to resolve the issue, or did you find answers in the Moodle forums?

best, Susi

Hi Susi,

I reported the problem in the moodle tracker here:

Sadly it has not been resolved yet.


Hi Susi,

I reported the problem on the moodle tracker here:

However it has sadly not been resolved yet.