Drag and Drop - problem with the touch


Sorry for my english !

I use some "Drag and Drop" with a website build with wordpress (last version).

With the mouse, I can take the element and place it in the case. But with my touchscreen monitor(with a desktop PC), it does'nt work. The problem exist with chrome, firefox, edge. I have test it with different touchscreen monitor.

I have the same problem with the example of the site H5P.org.

Have you an idea to soluce my problem ?

Thank you

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Just guessing, but it might be the problem described at https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-3063 and fixed by https://github.com/h5p/jquery-ui/pull/1 - but the H5P core team will need to find time to review the changes proposed.



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the fix is pretty simple once you've done it. Here are the steps:

1. Download the original h5p-jquery-ui from https://github.com/h5p/jquery-ui

2. Remove apply-when-upgrading.diff

3. Copy this (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/h5p/jquery-ui/dfd00da4d9c211ffd0f1fab5...) into the h5p-jquery-ui.js

4. Change the version in library.json from 1.10.19 to 1.10.20

5. Pack the folder with h5pcli (command: h5p pack jquery-ui-master jquery-ui.h5p)

6. Upload it into your moodle at Administration>H5P>Manage H5P content types AND at Administration>Plugins>H5P>Libraries

Thats it.

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Glad that you can confirm that the code that I wrote is working.

Hi there,

I'm a Japanese teacher at a high school so I am not too knowledgable on this stuff but I have managed to make a Wordpress site with H5P activities for my students. I want to install the patch on your github but the folders in the wordpress directory on my website don't match the one in KFCputin's instructions. Is there a folder in particular to Wordpress that I can drop these files into?