Embedding Custom Made H5P content into Articulate Rise360

Hello, all! I'm hoping there is a genius amongst us that can help me out for some work I'm currently doing with my company. :)

We are currently developing some e-learning courses in Rise 360 and have built our own h5p content (content type: course presentation, heavily customised with out branding) . We would like to use the h5p content we have made which is currently hosted on our company website (wordpress, h5p plugin), on our Rise 360 courses.

After some research I'm aware when I upload the h5p file on h5p.org I can indeed succesfully embed to the content on rise 360. However, when I obtain the embed code <iframe> from our company website it will come up on Rise 360' it will come up saying 'H5P Content not avaiable'. I have been playing around with some .html code and hunting for a solution, to no luck, and I would like not to host our content via h5p.org since it is for testing and our content we don't want seen publicly.

So, if anyone happens to know why this maybe the case and what the solution is I would greatfully appreciate it.

:D Thanks in advance!

embedding in rise360
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Have you tried to only hide the action bar below the content without also deactivating the embed option?

Either way: h5p.org is NOT meant to be used for free hosting of your content for real courses, etc. anyway. It's for testing only.

Hey :) yes I have tried that unfortunatly ^^; 

Hey :) yes i have unfortunatly tried this already :(

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Hey there!

Hmm, well, that's the way this should work. If you deactivate the embed option, then the embed link will never work. If you do not deactivate the embed option, you can hide the hide the action bar (so nobody would see the embed button) but still use the embed link. If that's not the case, then it might be some customization running (`h5pmods_embed_access` hook) or some server-side issue that one could only speculate about (could be Feature-Policies/Permission-Policies set server-side, etc.).