Latest update adds 'content submitted' even for content that does not require submission.

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We use a lot of H5P content at our institution simply for practice and engagement and we don't require a submission.  The latest H5P update seems to have added a message stating that the result has been submitted, even if that is not the intention of the activity. 

This is confusing behaviour for the student who might expect that they are being graded on the result of the activity.

Setting "Choose when to send scores to the LMS" to "Do not send score to LMS" also makes no difference and the message still displays, even when  the H5P has been inserted as an iframe embed instead of as an LTI tool.

Is it possible to turn this message off for all activities by default?


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Hi Paul,

Thank you for reporting this. The development team is aware of this issue and will be releasing an update so that contents that are not sending grades will not show this banner. I do not have a timeline when it will be released.

Additionally they are also planning of adding the option to disable the banner even for contents that generate scores but this will later.


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Hi BV,

Thanks for your response, this issue is affecting users everywhere.  Including paying subscription customers like my institution.
Is this issue being addressed in the new (delayed) release?

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Our institution also realised this issue and received the following response
"Thank you for reporting this issue and we apologize for the inconvenience. We have plans of deploying a fix to remove the banner for contents that do not generate scores but we do not have a timeline yet. We also have plans to have an option to enable/disable the banner for content types that generates scores but this will come at a later time."

This is clearly not a good enough response to this problem. We have students upset thinking they have accidentally submitted work through H5P and confused about where their results are for ungraded H5P content types.

I don't understand how this bug made it through testing. The system should immediately be rolled back to the previous release. The fact that there is no timeline committed to this bug shakes trust that H5P can address major issues in a timely fashion.

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I apologize for our responses not being good enought on this issue. In the next release going out to the US tomorrow and Australia and EU Wenesday March 2nd it will be possible to turn off the attempts banner completely for an organization. This would allow you to disable it until it works as you expect.

I believe we at first misunderstood this problem unfortunately. Would the below make sense to fix it properly?

  1. Never display the banner when using normal embed codes even if it is a logged in author testing via embed.
  2. Never display the banner if setting "Choose when to send scores to the LMS" to "Do not send score to LMS"

It sounds like there is a third case where we display the banner when there are no grades to send, but we have not been able to figure out when that happens. Is it a special content type? It should only happen if you either store a grade in the extra reporting, via LTI or store your answers in the extra reporting.

Be aware that the banner currently will display for authors testing via embed if they are logged in on, but should not display for students as they will not be logged in.

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Hi Paul,

I have tried reproducing this as a non-logged in user, but I wasn't able to.

I.e, you write: "This is confusing behavior for the student who might expect that they are being graded on the result of the activity." Is this based on actual feedback from students? I do suspect this is based on tests performed by an author being logged in to while displaying the embedded H5P. Could that be the case? If you try to log out from, and then display the embedded H5P, does the "num attempts" banner then disappear?


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Thanks for testing fnoks,

I've tested this scenario and found that you are correct.  This has highlighted a workflow and copyright issue for us, however.

This means that any of our institutionally created H5Ps need to be made public in order for them to be embedded in a course as an exercise not requiring a grade. 

It would be great if there were two options in the Tools menu in the Canvas LMS edit mode (one for graded and one for non graded).  I will add this as a feature request. 





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Thanks again all here for investigating.  I'm unable to find where to post feature requests, but now that I've understood the problem I would like to see a
Non-graded H5P option in the Tools menu of the Rich Content Editor on Canvas.  This would simply add an iframe embed without providing a gradebook connection.

I'm assuming this could be added via the LTI "plugin" of H5P for Canvas? 

Please let me know if this is the correct forum for this or if I need to post elsewhere.

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Hi Paul,

I've taken note of your feature request and will be sending it to the developers of so that they may consider adding it for future udpates.