Where to find the hp5 file downloads

Sorry, but I'm unable to reach the buttons for downloading hp5 files by digging into the 'Examples & Downloads' menu. Any hints hot to reach the h5p files?

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Hi  jakeblues,

I'm not sure I follow. If you are pertaining to where the H5P file is downloaded this is controlled by your browser and uses the default setting in it.


Sorry, I didn't meant the local  - download - directory. I meant the spot on he h5p website. There, I can't see any link which guides me to the h5p file, which I'd like to download.

If you follow this link https://h5p.org/node/179874 you will reach a thread, where h5p file URLs are listed. But most likely all of them are outdated meanwhile. Anyway, from my point of that link reveals that there should be a way, to download the files from the H5P website. But again, I can't find them. Could you give am link to the place, where I can find the 'download button'?

many thanx


I didn't meant the local download directory. What I'm looking for are the links/buttons for downloading H5P files from the H5P website.

By accident I've found this link https://h5p.org/node/179874, where I can grab some URLs which are pointing the desired H5P files. But those seem to be outdated. Therefore I'm constantly asking myself, how I can obtain the latest H5P files from the H5P website. If somebody can tell me, would be great.

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Hi Jake,

Those files are up to date. They are the files that the sample contents are using which are the most updated libraries of H5P. May I know what you would like to do with the files. The community may have other suggestions to help you out.


Hello BV, 
Perhaps I got something wrong, but for setting up H5P in moodle I thought, I need basically two things:
1. the h5p moodle plugin (e.g. mod_hvp_moodle38_2020020500.zip) and 
2. the h5p libs (e.g. dialog-cards-620.h5p for using the dialog card content type) 

So installing the plugin first and then the content type libs was my plan. But w/ the second step I'm still struggeling.

Or am I totally wrong? If yes, any help is welcome. If no, still looking for a hint how to download the H5Ps.

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Hi Jake!

You don't have to install H5P libraries manually. You can download them using the Content Type Hub. There is an install guide by the way ...


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Hi Jake,

You are not totally wrong but you are doing the more complicated route for the second step. To install the content type all you need to do is go to a course add an activity -> choose H5P -> Click on get on the content types.


Hello guys,

I also cannot explain it simpler than that:

on the main page h5p.org, in the main menu, there is a section 'Examples & downloads'.

I go there, spent 45 min., and still cannot find any download button.

Same with my own test content. Created one, only embed option, no download.

Yes, all options, also 'download' have been checked in visibility.

Can anybody help with this?

How to download example h5p archive?



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Hi Piotr,

Please check my answer in your other post.

Also please refrain from cross posting your question.


There is no download but on the examples and download page. I downloaded the files from the link you provided but when I tried to upload they still didn't show up. Where can I download the content?

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Hi mgglyflics,

You mentioned that you downloaded the files, then these should be in your machine. I'm not really sure what you mean with "they still didn't show up" a screenshot would really help.