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Hi there,

I am urgently looking for an mock exam tool in h5p, which should have the following features

a) The students should answer n questions randomly selected out of a larger pool of mc questions (as in the Quiz)

b) When finished the questions, the students receive an overall result of their exam (like x out of n correct), but not a detailed feedback on every question (because I want to use them on the real exam)

Does this feature exist? Is is hard to develop?



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Hi Stefan,

This can be achieved using Quiz (Question Set). You can set the a random number of questions. You can also set the content to not show the "retry" and "show solution" buttons.

I have created a very simple sample content here. Feel free to download it to check my settings.


Thanks a lot! It works as I want - maybe the German traslation of the settings is misleading, so I didnt find the right ones...

This helped a lot. I assume the German translation of the settings is a little awkward and hard to find the right ones.

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Moin Stimme aka Stefan,

das kannst du leicht ändern indem du dir lumi holst, installierst und dann den entsprechenden Inhalt änderst.

Grüße villon

Danke, Villon!

Next question: How can I secure that students do not download the h5p file, change the settings and see all my questions with the correct answers?

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Hi Stefan,

There should be an option to hide/disable the download/reuse button. Where it is located and how it is labelled will depend on the platform that you are using. I have attached the settings that can be seen if you are creating the content in


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Hi all!

H5P was not designed for high stake exams. Content is running in the browser completely, and you basically cannot prevent your parameters from being peeked at even if you disable the download option.