Cannot install Branching scenarios


I am using

Browser: FF 99.0.1

CMS: Wordpress 5.9.3

H5P downloaded from Wordpress plug-in repository today.



trying to install Branching scenarios and get the following message

Validating h5p package failed.

Missing required library H5PEditor.ColorSelector 1.2

I already have library H5PEditor.ColorSelector (1.3.1) installed with other content types

any suggestions?




Content types: 
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Hi Pam,

If my memory serves me right, installing Interactive Video first resolves this issue. Alternactively downloading the sample contents and uploading it in the plugin should also resolve this issue.


Thank you. I installed Interactive Video first, then the Branching scenario install went ahead.

You might want to mention that little message on the Branching Scenario info page.

Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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Hi Pam,

Thank you for the suggestion. However this issue is not present for everyone, presonally I have not ecountered this issue. It may actually confuse other users if this step is mentioned in that page.


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Hi all!

This is some depency problem that will resolve itself once the latest versions of Interactive Video and Course Presentations and Branching Scenario get released.


I am unable to install the branching scenario app in Pressbooks. I first got a message saying that I did not have the correct libraries.  I downloaded the libraries and keep getting the error "validating h5p package failed".  Please advise. Thanks! 

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Hi OpenRNEd,

Are you seeing the same missing library as mentioned above? If so have you tried the workaround I suggested? On the other hand if you it is a different library I would suggest that you include that information.