Clicking hidden hotspot to trigger a new image/slide

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to trigger a hotspot (the correct one) on one screenshot which then navigates to a new slide where the user has to find the next hotspot?  The idea being to test the user in an assessment - i.e. where do you click on the screen to access x?

Use hotspots to advance slide/screenshot
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Moin graham.cliff@something,
as far as I know, this is not possible. However, this can be realised with simple html. To what extent you can then incorporate this into your evaluation is something you have to fathom out yourself.
by the way. I find a greeting and a name I can turn to quite nice.

In addition, as an idea, you could use the Branching Scenario for your purpose, as it directs the participants to the next logical task if the task is solved correctly.

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Hi villon,

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